Favorite 2016 Wedding Trends
February 17, 2016

Out of hibernation! I hope that everyone has had a great start to their year, and has stayed safe in some of this cold weather we’ve been having! I’m excited that the warm spring weather will be coming soon, and with that 2016 Spring & Summer Weddings!

Check out the some of my favorite top 2016 Wedding Trends:

Unique & Timeless

Weddings are becoming more unique and less traditional. Adding unique details that showcase your love, your personality, and your relationship create a personalized and perfect setting for your big day. Memories and meaningful statements create a timeless wedding that won’t appear dated.

Unexpected Floral Arrangements

Succulents, wild flowers, vines, and seasonal flower pairings are creating a relaxed and natural look. Expensive traditional bouquets are becoming a thing of the past, while budget friendly creative pieces are new and refreshing – adding to the uniqueness of your wedding day.

Neutral, Metallic, & Tonal Color Combinations

Cakes, invitations, make-up looks, wedding party attire, flowers – all have been leaning to a neutral natural or ombre look. Naked cakes, and mixes of subtle shades of taupe, metallic gradation, or combinations of grays create a softened nature-like appearance. While rich color in graduate tones, sorbet-like palettes, and metallic mixes liven up the tone of a wedding while giving a subtle air of individuality.

Luxurious Lighting

Creative & eye catching lighting as a statement creates a warm and magical setting. From twinkle lights, to chandeliers, to industrial hanging light bulbs – the setting is all in how it’s lighted. This detail can add a romantic look and feel, immersing your guests in the venue and experience.

What are your favorite trends? I’d love for you to comment and share!

For my 2016 resolution & plan, I hope to provide more bridal posts and interesting content to those of you who are in your wedding planning stages. I’m looking forward to seeing what the 2016 Wedding Season brings! Yes Dear & Co. is here to make your wedding day the unique and personalized day for you!

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Photography courtesy of Libby McGowan Photography, Rentals by Hobnob Occasions.